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Pronunciation: / Ə'mer Ək Ən/ /'waɪt/ /'ʃ ɛpɚd/
Other Names: White Shepherd Dog | White German Shepherd | American-Canadian White Shepherd | White Swiss Shepherd | Berger Blanc Swiss

American White Shepherd Description

The American White Shepherd was originally a German Shepherd dog that carries the recessive gene, but now it has been developed into its own breed. The breed has very similar characteristics to German Shepherd dogs and shares the same intelligence levels and near identical size and appearance.

White Shepherd Dogs are an extremely intelligent breed and can be trained for a variety of tasks ranging from guard dog to bomb and narcotics detection. Because of their size and ease of training these dogs are frequently used as specialty dogs on task forces and assistance dogs.

White Shepherd Dogs can sometimes be a difficult dog to handle in a home environment because they require heavy mental stimulation and a dominate leader to follow. Without frequent tasks/jobs and a dominate owner these dogs can become destructive and heavily protective of their family against anyone they are unfamiliar with.

American White Shepherd

Breed History

The original German Shepherd Dog (named Horand von Grafath), was the grandson of a pure white herding dog named Grief. Because of Grief's relationship with the original German Shepherd, it made it possible through careful breeding to develop purebred German Shepherds which were completely white.

Unfortunately, pure white German Shepherd dogs were originally frowned upon and were frequently disqualified in Dog Clubs and were not allowed to compete in many events. During the 1970s white dogs became more popular and the interest in white-coated German Shepherds grew. This caused many enthusiast to start dog clubs and breeding white German Shepherd dogs. White Shepherd dogs were only allowed to compete in dog events as white-coated German Shepherds, but were not yet recognized as their own breed and could not compete when referred to as American White Shepherds. In 1998, however, the Canadian Kennel Club officially denounced the color white from the German Shepherd breed which prevented White Shepherd dogs from competing in any events.

While many new groups and associations have been created to help push the white shepherd dog recognition in larger dog groups, it is still not officially recognized as its own breed among many groups.

Breed Standards

Height:22-26 Inches (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:77-85 Pounds
Color:Always solid white
Coat: Stiff / Long / Long-Haired | Some of the longer haired coats do not have an undercoat
A large and clearly muscular dog with black eyes and a black nose with completely white fur. Their appearance is almost identical to a German Shepherd dog including perked up ears.

American White Shepherd Temperament

American White Shepherds are an extremely intelligent dog breed. Because their intelligence is so high and they require strong leadership from their owners they are frequently used for search and rescue, bomb detection, guard dogs, police dogs, helper dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and sport dogs.

American White Shepherds are strong intelligent dogs whose owners need to be a clearly dominate leader. If you don't appear as a leader, your American White Shepherd will quickly take this role from you and since these dogs are very protective of their family, this can become a problem if guests or unfamiliar family members come over.

The American White Shepherd is an extremely effective guard dog. They will not hesitate to put their life at risk to protect their family and do not tolerate any unfamiliar animal or stranger getting too close to their family. Again, this is why it is absolutely necessary to show your dog that you are the pack leader, because if you are the pack leader your American White Shepherd will not attack strangers

American White Shepherd Health

The American White Shepherd has a life expectancy of 12-14 years. Since White Shepherd dogs are bred within a small group of already purebred dogs, their genetic diversity is not great and thus they suffer from some health issues including: i. Hip and Elbow dysplasia, malabsorbtion syndrome; degenerative joint disease; megaesophagus; pannus; bloat; food, flea, & airborne allergies; missing teeth.


Grooming Requirements White Shepherd Dogs are heavy shedders and will shed throughout the year. They will need to be brushed daily and bathed only when necessary as their skin can become irritated by frequent baiting.

Exercise Requirements White Shepherds need daily exercise as well as mental stimulation. They have migration instincts so they need to be walked for at least 10-15 minutes straight otherwise they may become destructive and restless.

Living Requirements American White Shepherds do well both as indoor and outdoor dogs, so they can be suited to live in either the city or country. When outside by themselves they are usually inactive, so they need to be stimulated to be active by their owner.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the American White Shepherd as a breed:

APRI - America's Pet Registry
AWSA - American White Shepherd Association
DRA Dog Registry of America Inc.
FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
NKC - National Kennel Club
UKC - United Kennel Club
WGSDCV - White German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria
WSSDCA - White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia

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American White Shepherd American White Shepherd
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Where to Get a White Shepherd

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American White Shepherd Meetups

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