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Pronunciation: ing-glish koon-hound
Other Names: American English Coonhound | Redtick Coonhound

English Coonhound Description

American English Coonhounds have been around for well over a century. Generally these dogs were bred to be used for night time raccoon hunts or daytime red fox hunts so they have a very strong prey instinct and will chase anything smaller than themselves to the point where they either catch the animal or die of exhaustion.

English Coonhounds make excellent family pets which are very rarely aggressive towards anyone. They require heavy daily exercise and can become destructive if not exercised enough. English Coonhound can be difficult to train and stubborn and is generally not recommended for an inexperienced dog owner.

English Coonhound
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Breed History

The American English Coonhound shares a common ancestry with many other coonhounds as its ancestry includes Foxhounds which were brought to the United States in the 17th century.

The breed was first recognized in 1905 as the English Fox and Coonhound. The English Coonhound was bred to hunt raccoons and foxes across more harsh terrain than most other hound dogs.

Breed Standards

Height:21-27 Inches (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:40-65 Pounds
Color:Redtick, bluetick, tri-color tick
Coat: Short to medium length
The English Coonhound was built for both speed and endurance over rough terrain. They have strong bodies with large chests to give their lungs more space for heavy breathing. They are balanced and powerful dogs with short coats that allow them to stay cooler than other breeds.

English Coonhound Temperament

English Coonhounds have an enormous amount of energy as well as a strong prey drive, so they will go after anything small. Because of this it is not recommended to have smaller pets if you own a English Coonhound. They can become destructive if not walked or exercised frequently enough.

English Coonhounds are generally very sweet dogs. In fact, aggressiveness is considered a defect in the breed and should be something you ask a breeder about before purchasing one of these dogs. They can be strong willed and stubborn, but make excellent family pets.

English Coonhound Health

The American English Coonhound has a life expectancy of 11-12 years. These dogs can overheat during hunting trips when the temperatures are very high.


Grooming Requirements The American English Coonhounds coat is fairly easy to care for. It requires minimal brushing and shampooing only when necessary.

Exercise Requirements English Coonhounds require daily exercise that consists of heavy running to remain happy. Without moderate to heavy daily exercise English Coonhounds can become high-strung which can lead to a destructive nature.

Living Requirements Because these dogs are very active, it is not recommended to get an American English Coonhound if you live within an apartment. These dogs require a fenced in yard at the very minimum.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the English Coonhound as a breed:

APRI - America's Pet Registry
DRA Dog Registry of America Inc.
NAPR - North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
UEBFA - United English Breeders and Fanciers Association
UKC - United Kennel Club

English Coonhound Photos

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English Coonhound English Coonhound
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Where to Get a English Coonhound

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Adopt a English Coonhound - Click here to see if any shelters have a English Coonhound in your area

English Coonhound Meetups

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English Coonhound Meetups - Click here to see if there is an English Coonhound meetup group near you

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English Coonhound pictures
English Coonhound pictures
English Coonhound pictures
English Coonhound pictures
English Coonhound pictures

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