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Huskimo Description

The Huskimo is a hybrid dog that is bred when a purebred Siberian Husky and a purebred American Eskimo are crossed.

The Huskimo is an intelligent dog that makes a great family pet. They do not bark much and are friendly with just about everyone. They are good with kids, but can sometimes be a bit stubborn if their owner doesn't show leadership qualities. Huskimos need to be walked and exercised frequently otherwise they can develop destructive habits.

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Breed History

Since the Huskimo is a hybrid dog, not too much of a breed history exists. It is estimated that Huskimos were first bred in the 1990s to 2000s when designer and hybrid dog popularity was high.

Breed Standards

Height:Up to 24 inches (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:40-60 Pounds
Color:Black, Gray, Red, White, Yellow or a mix of any of these colors.
Coat: Thick and long coated. It is rough on the outside and soft the closer it gets to the skin which keeps the dog warm in cold temperatures.
The Huskimo is a medium sized dog that resembles a sled dog. They have pointy ears with a curled up fluffy tail. They have strong and well-built bodies.

Huskimo Temperament

Huskimos are a very loving dog. They can make friends with just about anyone and are very easy to socialize. They are intelligent, but can be stubborn and difficult to train if their owner doesn't show pack leadership qualities.

Huskimos have a lot of energy and clearly want to pull a sled or do some work, so they require a lot of exercise. They can cope well with any type of home whether it is an apartment or a farm as long as their exercise requirements have been met. Since they are very good dogs with strangers they do not make good watchdogs.

Huskimo Health

The Huskimo has a life expectancy of 11-14 years. Since this dog is a fairly recent hybrid dog, its health issues are not well known, however, hybrid dogs generally are healthier than purebred dogs. Since Huskimos have a heavy coat, they can overheat if they are put in a hot climate.


Grooming Requirements Huskimos should be brushed daily and at the very minimum brushed 2-3 times each week. They shed heavily and will need to be bathed every few months or whenever needed.

Exercise Requirements Huskimos require heavy exercise. They have sled pulling instincts and want to do work. They will need a minimum of 1-2 hours of walking/running each day to stay happy.

Living Requirements Huskimos can cope well with either apartment life or farm life as long as their exercise requirements are met. They do well with children and make great family dogs.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the Huskimo as a breed:

ACHC American Canine Hybrid Club
DRA Dog Registry of America Inc.
IDCR International Designer Canine Registry

Huskimo Photos

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Where to Get a Huskimo

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Huskimo Meetups

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Huskimo Meetups - Click here to see if there is an Huskimo meetup group near you

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