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Pronunciation: jak-rat ter-ee-er
Other Names: Jersey Terrier | Jack-Rat

Jack-Rat Terrier Description

The Jack-Rat Terrier is a hybrid dog that is bred when you cross a purebred Jack Russell Terrier with the purebred Rat Terrier. The Jack-Rat Terrier can range from a toy sized dog to a medium sized dog.

Jack-Rat Terriers are very intelligent and alert dogs. They love finding adventures and are very loyal to their families. They do well with children and other pets, but have hunting instincts which will cause them to chase animals smaller than themselves.

Jack-Rat Terrier
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Breed History

Since this is a hybrid dog, Jack-Rat Terriers do not have too much of a breed history. However, they are thought to have been bred between the 1990s and 2000s at which time the designer / hybrid dog demand was the highest.

Breed Standards

Height:Miniature: 8-10 | Medium: 10-14 | Standard: 14-23 (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:Miniature: 6-10 | Medium: 10-17 | Standard: 18-25 Pounds
Color:White, Black, Tan, Blue, or any combination of these colors
Coat: Short and smooth coat that lies flat against the dog.
Jack-Rat Terriers appear athletic with long legs and defined muscles. They appear to be longer than they are tall and resemble a dog that looks like it has a lot of energy.

Jack-Rat Terrier Temperament

Jack-Rat Terriers are alert dogs which are not scared to find adventures. They make great family dogs and are very good with children and other pets. They are patient dogs, but seem to get more energy when they are on the go.

Jack-Rat Terrier Health

The Jack-Rat Terrier has a life expectancy of 14-18 years. Jack-Rat Terriers currently have no well-known health issues.


Grooming Requirements Jack-Rat Terriers require little grooming and only need to be brushed once per week. They will need a bath only when needed or once every several months.

Exercise Requirements Jack-Rat Terriers are fairly active dogs and will need to be walked daily for 30-45 minutes.

Living Requirements These dogs can cope with apartments, but it is recommended to only have them in a household that has a large fenced in back yard as they enjoy running and chasing.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the Jack-Rat Terrier as a breed:

ACHC American Canine Hybrid Club
DBR Designer Breed Registry
DDKC Designer Dogs Kennel Club
DRA Dog Registry of America Inc.
IDCR International Designer Canine Registry

Jack-Rat Terrier Photos

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Jack-Rat Terrier Jack-Rat Terrier
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Jack-Rat Terrier Videos

Where to Get a Jack-Rat

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Jack-Rat Terrier Meetups

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