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Pronunciation: Nebolish Mastiff
Other Names: Nebolish

Nebolish Mastiff Description

The Nebolish Mastiff is the most agile of the Mastiff breeds. These are loyal well-tempered dogs that intelligent and easy to train. They are very alert and are naturally protective which makes them very good guard dogs for both families and livestock.

Nebolish Mastiffs are good family dogs and are good with children. However, they have strong pack-leader instincts and will assume they are the pack leader of the household if their owner(s) do not give off a leadership status. Because of this, the Nebolish Mastiff is not normally recommended for first time dog owners.

Nebolish Mastiff
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Breed History

The Nebolish Mastiff was bred in the last 1960's in Canada. Several breeds of dogs were used to develop the Nebolish Mastiff to keep it agile and free of health issues, but since the dog was first created, the specific bloodlines have yet to be disclosed. The Nebolish Mastiff is an extremely rare dog and is the rarest of all the Mastiffs.

Since the breed bloodline/history is not well known, many people debate that the Nebolish Mastiff is not yet a standardized breed and should still be considered a hybrid breed.

Breed Standards

Height:27-36 Inches (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:95-200 Pounds
Color:Fawn or brindle or silver; with markings of black or white.
Coat: Usually short or medium length, long coats are possible but are less common.

Nebolish Mastiffs are large, strong, muscular dogs with a very solid structure.

Nebolish Mastiff Temperament

Nebolish Mastiffs are very alert and good natured. They do very well with children, but do require training to help limit the dog's stubborn nature. They are not highly active, but do enjoy running and exploring the property. Most Nebolish Mastiffs have webbed paws and enjoy swimming. They are very intelligent dogs and enjoy simple dog puzzles and games such as finding toys and treats.

Nebolish Mastiff Health

The Nebolish Mastiff has a life expectancy of 10-14 years. Nebolish Mastiffs were bred to be free of any genetic health issues, however, it is impossible to expect any dog to never have any health problems.


Grooming Requirements These dogs need very little grooming. They will need to be quickly brushed and given a bath whenever their coat needs it.

Exercise Requirements The Nebolish Mastiff need a daily walk, but also loves to run and swim.

Living Requirements These dogs are not recommended for apartments. They do enjoy being outside and exploring property on their own, but they are content being in a small to medium sized enclosure. It is highly recommended to keep this dog contained to your property because its large size is highly intimidating to strangers.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the Nebolish Mastiff as a breed:

ABA - American Breeders Association
CMA - Canada Molosser Association
DRA Dog Registry of America Inc.

Nebolish Mastiff Photos

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Nebolish Mastiff Nebolish Mastiff
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Where to Get a Nebolish Mastiff

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Nebolish Mastiff Meetups

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Nebolish Mastiff breed

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