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Pronunciation: Russian Toy Terrier
Other Names: Russkiy Toy | Russian Terrier | Moscow Toy Terrier | Moscovian Miniature Terrier

Russian Toy Terrier Description

The Russian Toy Terrier was originally bred in Russia and is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. There are two types of Russian Terriers which are the smooth haired and the long haired (which refers to the hair length on their ears).

The Russian Terrier was originally bred to be a watch dog and a rat dog. Because of their skill at catching rats, these are very agile dogs and are good in agility competitions.

Russian Toy Terrier

Breed History

The earliest records of similar terriers in Russia date the dog back to the early 1700's. It wasn't until the late 1950's (during the country's political isolation) that the Russian Terrier was created from two smooth haired terriers. Russian Toys were at one time the most popular toy dog breed in Russia, yet during the rise of Communism and the fall of the Iron Curtain the breed was nearly wiped out.

Breed Standards

Height:8-10 Inches (from ground to shoulder)
Weight:3-6 Pounds
Color:Black and Tan; Blue and Tan; Dark Brown and Tan; Red; Sable
Coat: Short hair with either smooth hair on the ears or long hair on the ears.
Russian Terriers almost look like small fawn with their tiny bodies and long legs. They have a long necks with small heads and large eyes.

Russian Toy Terrier Temperament

Russian Toys are generally very cheerful and are a good family dog. They will bark at strangers and anyone who they are unfamiliar with, which makes them good watch dogs. They will become very attracted to their family and will protect them at any cost, which can sometimes be humorous due to their small size.

Russian Toy Terrier Health

The Russian Terrier's life expectancy is mostly unknown, however it is expected to be similar to other toy breeds which live to 10-14 years. Most Russian Toys will need a vet to remove the puppy teeth so its permanent teeth will be able to come in correctly. Some owners report their Russian Toys having allergic reactions towards various flea and rabies treatments. It's also not uncommon for these dogs to suffer from broken bones due to their small size.


Grooming Requirements Depending on the hair length, the Russian Toy will need to be brushed either daily or weekly. They may require a bath once every month or so, but be careful not to let water enter their ears.

Exercise Requirements Even though this is a small breed it still needs a daily walk. However, taking their size and stride length into account, they will usually tire before you will.

Living Requirements It is recommended to keep the Russian Toy Terrier as an indoor dog. Because of the dog's small size leaving it outside can put it in risk of being attacked by predators such as large birds, bigger dogs, or other animals.

Breed Recognition

The following groups recognize the Russian Toy Terrier as a breed:

AKC - American Kennel Club
ARBA - American Rare Breed Association
FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
FSS - Foundation Stock Service
IABCA - International All Breed Canine Association
NKC - National Kennel Club
UKC - United Kennel Club

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Russian Toy Terrier Russian Toy Terrier
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Where to Get a Russian Toy

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Russian Toy Terrier Meetups

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